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Amico Del Solevante

Conditions during the tour

Luca Facchini is the freelance guide of Amico Del Solevante, henceforth identified as "the Guide". (Company Name) hereinafter referred to as the "Company".

Win-Win Situation
The Guide is an independent guide. When you collaborate with the Guide you collaborate in an equal situation without any exclusive contract. Please also make proposals that are mutually beneficial and that do not conflict with the terms and conditions in general of the Guide itself. All proposals will be seriously considered, but only those with an approach that will benefit both parties' valuable time will be considered.

The Guide is aware that there is work for everyone and that everyone needs to work. In the event of any collaboration between the Guide and the Company, the commissions must be considered outside the sum/s proposed by the Guide and without price reductions by the Company to the Guide for any reason.

Optimism and creativity
The Guide likes to collaborate only with those who demonstrate an honest, constructive and positive approach. Because it is in an open and positive environment that we have the best ideas. To get where you want, it's flexibility, your own creative will, the right information, the necessary actions. For the Guide, results define a skill or situation over time. the Guide manages to give its best when there is full and peaceful collaboration on the part of everyone, in order to be able to find the best solutions together for every situation.



All information and/or requests and cancellations must be made in writing and sent via or an alternative email (PEC or other email) provided by the Guide.

- Only the date of receipt of the email will be valid (in both cases, PEC or normal email)
- Only requests sent by email will be considered (in both cases, PEC or normal email)

In the case of many tour requests from the Company beyond the email, the Guide can provide parallel solutions to facilitate the work of both parties (Ex. Trello). Where full collaboration is required by the collaborators of the Company and by the Guide to divide the work equally as a service/tour request is presented. The Guide will try to respond to communications and confirm each booking request as soon as possible. In the event you are unable to secure this booking for any reason, the Guide will endeavor to obtain alternative booking arrangements(s). If these agreements are not deemed satisfactory by the Company and expressly justified, where necessary, the Guide will refund 100% of the agreed price (in the case of payment made by the Company to the Guide).*

General conditions:
The Guide is the leader of the tour.

In all cases, both in the case of a single participant and groups of people and with travel assistants / group leaders etc. All the conditions of this contract also apply to all Customers and Company personnel in addition to the Guide. 
Only the following services are provided: Communicating and accompanying Customers on the itineraries presented, food and wine itineraries, more or less known itineraries, artistic-cultural itineraries in general, experience and introduction to sake with sake tasting (for adults), advice useful based on reliable sources and personal experience, putting in contact, when possible, with the local people and their customs and traditions

No services are performed beyond the accompaniment of the kind customers. Such as, for example, dealing with transport reservations, sending luggage, hotel reservations or other services other than the guide service listed above.

The Company and its kind staff are required to follow the programs proposed by the Guide without changes and to present these programs to Clients. In case there are special requests, the Guide will make the relative proposals to the Company.  

To "accompany our Clients, the work of the guide himself is not limited to the service of "accompanying" the Clients and making them happy during each tour. There are also many office hours and logistics, experience behind every booking/enquiry. The Company and its staff are also required to take these conditions into account and to actively contribute to facilitating the work of the Guide  itself during each communication and/or request, etc.

The Guide also has many requests. For each service/tour proposal in the email, kind collaboration is requested in filling in the templates proposed by the Guide to facilitate the work of both parties, with a view to improving and making each communication more efficient.

Guide tours usually take place mostly on foot. Sometimes, to reach certain destinations or for reasons of time, the use of public transport such as taxis, buses, trains, rental vehicles may be foreseen (extra costs).

For all the destinations of the Guide's tours, the meeting point or pick up at the beginning and end of the tour are always the JR railway stations. With the exception of Shirakawa where it will be the terminal of the Nohi bus company or the private parking for cars and buses, since Shirakawa does not have any railway means that intersect it.
In order to guarantee the pre-established times of each service/tour. All pick up decisions outside the meeting points pre-established by the Guide are at the discretion of the Guide himself and not of the Company. In the case of hotels/facilities adjacent to the locations of each tour, the Guide is more than happy to pick up the Clients. Always if it is practical to reach on foot. In the case of hotels/facilities considered out of the way by the Guide, the pick up at the hotel/facilities may not be carried out. It is up to the Clients to arrive early at the meeting place. In the event that a hotel pick-up is requested, as an extra case, by the Company, if this does not affect the times of each service/tour, the Customers will be required to cover all the necessary transport costs for the Guide, as well as the extra service necessary to carry out the pick up.

The Guide's tours are carried out throughout the year, except obviously for reasons of time, cases of force majeure (weather conditions, closure of commercial and public activities, physical condition).

It is always the responsibility of the Company and the Clients to inquire in advance with the relevant international and Japanese authorities regarding the various situations including those of force majeure. In the event of misinformation on the part of the Company and/or the Clients, the guide cannot be held responsible for any reason.

Conditions for Customers During Tours:

1. For the purpose of protecting his own professional work, the Guide (Luca Facchini dell'Amico Del Solevante)  will have two copies signed by hand (for both parties) of the underlying contract entitled " Conditions during the Tour” to each Client (one delegate client per tour). Or hand sign only one copy to each customer (one delegate customer per tour), with the signed contract digitally sent via email and/or smartphone in pdf format if you want less paper during the trip.

2. In case of any need, Customers are required to notify the Guide promptly in writing, (via email or smartphone applications only those relating to tours, eg WhatzApp) and in the quickest and clearest way possible.

3. If the Guests feel the need to leave the tour: At their discretion before or after the service has begun, Guests are required to inform the Guide as quickly and clearly as possible. The total price of the service will not be refundable.

4. During or before the start of the service/tour: If the local guide believes that one or more Guests has behaved as a result of possible abuse of alcohol, drugs, actions deemed harassing, damage to property and/or third parties, illicit actions in general and/ or illegal in Japan as well, the Guide has the power to discontinue any service/tour at their own discretion. In case of damage to things/animals and/or people by one or more Customers  , the guide cannot be held responsible for any reason. The total price of the service will not be refundable.

5. Parents with children: In order to allow the performance of the guide service, parents are also required to maintain a polite and civil behavior by setting an example towards their child, actively contributing to create a relaxed, altruistic and educated above all towards the public peace. In the event that this situation is not possible, the Guide has the power to interrupt the tour at his discretion. The total price of the service will not be refundable.

6. Cancellation or replacement of services/itineraries/visits, etc. from the Guide: We will do our best to keep the programme/itinerary as agreed. However, the program and the final itinerary may vary at the discretion of the Guide and/or depending on availability, timing of the tour and/or factors beyond the control of the Guide. The Guide will do everything possible to find an agreement together with the Company for the Guests. Any additional costs also for the Guide will always be charged to the Customers. The Guide will never be held responsible for any reason.

7. If the Guide cancels a service/tour for various reasons: including for example a possible indisposition of the Guide itself, everything possible will be done together with the Company to find an alternative solution. An alternative destination could also be proposed, on  by agreement between the Guide and the Company, with any additional costs, these will always be the sole responsibility of the Guests. In case of refusal of an alternative by the kind Customers and only after the mutual consent between the Guide and the Company, a partial refund of 50% could be made. 

8. Travel Warnings and Warnings: It is the sole responsibility of the Guests to inform themselves of the latest travel warnings and warnings by referring to any official sources. Such as the website Viaggiare Sicuri. In case of lack of information from the Customers, all the consequences described here and not and/or the termination of the service/tour, the Guide will not be held responsible. The total price of the service will not be refundable.

9. Force Majeure: The Guide assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may occur as a result of any issue beyond our sole control, including but not limited to, a delay or cancellation resulting in the loss of all or part of the tour, acts of government, war, acts of terrorism, riots, disasters, weather events, strikes, etc. We do not have specific knowledge regarding the financial condition of suppliers, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, or extreme weather conditions and not where you may travel. It is up to the Guests to acknowledge that standards in general, such as for example health facilities and services abroad may be different or even inadequate for the treatment of health conditions etc. For all information on possible dangers in foreign destinations, consultation by the Guests is categorical, following official sources. 60% of the total price of the service will not be refunded.

10. We reserve the right to cancel any tour due to our concerns regarding the safety: The health or welfare of our travelers or the Guide. If we cancel a tour, our liability is limited to a possible partial refund of 50% pertaining only to the total cost for the guide service and only upon prior agreement between the Guide and the Company. We will not be liable for any other costs, damages or refunds of any kind for any loss, delay, inconvenience, lost tickets, reservations, disappointment or expense of any kind etc. under such circumstances.


11. In the event that an incorrect declaration is made by the Guide: We reserve the right to cancel any booking referring to such a declaration, without liability and any payment already made will be refunded. The Guide cannot be held responsible for any errors on our website, brochures or other advertising and/or marketing materials etc. and reserves the right to correct it once such an error has been brought to our attention.


12. In any case of reimbursement by the Guide, all non-refundable costs such as bank charges, bank costs incurred by the Guide for all incoming and outgoing bank transactions will be charged by the Guide to the Company and by the Company to the Clients starting from the request, the agency costs, any taxes for the reimbursement.

13. All expenses such as entrance fees, meals, snacks, coffee breaks, drinks, coffee breaks, transport, etc. for the Guide during the tour are to be considered extras and are the exclusive responsibility of the Guests.

14. All data requested and collected from the Guests by the Guide such as copies of passports, telephone numbers, emails, etc., are always treated according to the highest privacy criteria and for the exclusive use relating to the services/tours.

15. By participating in any service/tour with the Guide: The Guests automatically confirm their acceptance of the whole contract.

Rates and Payments:

All rates may vary over time at the discretion of the Guide. The Company will be informed of the relative changes as quickly as possible.

The prices for the guide service, proposed by the same Guide to the Company, include not only the hours of the tours but the hours of availability in general by the Guide during all the days of the tours.

The Guide presents the companies with indicative prices per service/tour, but in the case of extra services, also those not mentioned in the programs/invoices/documents in general and sent to the Company and/or Customers, even those not sent, decided at the time of each tour by the Clients and/or by the Guide, for the Guide, are always charged to the Clients.

Full payment for tour confirmed within 72 hours of tour confirmation via email. Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. 

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses and to help the Company, even in the event of late payments by the Company to the Guide, if justified and only if in agreement with the Guide itself in writing, they are only possible at the following conditions: Payment postponed in bulk after a certain number of requests with a date agreed by both parties.

In the opposite case, where the Company wishes to make advance payments en bloc, all at once, in view of a series of precise services over a pre-established period and always by written agreement between the collaborating Company and the Guide, the accepted.

All payments for each service/tour must be advanced by the Company respecting all the conditions in this contract. The Guide is not required to advance payments or money of any kind and for any reason.

At the time of payment, all costs such as bank charges, all transactions necessary for the payment of a service/tour from the company to the Guide, are charged to the Company/Clients and to be considered outside the total amount of the requested service/tour from the Guide.

Request for cancellation by the Company

The Guide is in favor of always finding alternatives before proceeding with any cancellation request
If the Company wishes to request the justified cancellation of a service/tour no later than 24 hours from the booking date, a 100% refund of the total price for the tour will be made.*

If the Company wishes to cancel after 24 hours of booking, 40% of the total price of each service/tour is no longer refundable for any reason. Only 60% of the total price of each service/tour will be refunded. Even in the case of a transfer not yet made by the Company, it is up to the Company to make a transfer no later than 72 hours from the cancellation equal to 40% of the total amount of the service/tour to be cancelled, transition costs, bank charges, etc. excluded and always at the exclusive expense of the Company.

If the tour is canceled within one week (7 total days of the week, working or not) from the date of the guided tour onwards, 100% of the total price of each service/tour is no longer refundable for any reason.
If canceled on the same day of the tour or once the tour has started, the 100% of the total price is non-refundable for any reason.

Whatever final decision is taken by the Guide in the event of a cancellation and in case of any inconvenience, the Guide will not be held responsible for any reason.

Alternative to cancellation and in special situations

To help the Companies and our kind Customers, the Guide can suggest, for example, the possibility of a change of date etc. If there is availability for both parties, it is possible to change the date of the tour avoiding further expenses, using the payment made for each service/tour in the new alternative found. Always in line with this contract.

Full and courteous cooperation between the Companies and the Guide is required in finding alternatives that are feasible for both parties.

Where a change of date/location/times etc. it is deemed necessary. In order to guarantee the best solutions, the Company is required to communicate it in writing (email) in the clearest and most timely manner possible, explaining the reasons for this need.


In conclusion

Validity of the contract: This contract is valid until the end of the collaboration between the Company and the Guide. Modifications, updates to the contract can be made, provided that they are agreed between both parties and in writing on paper signed by hand by the respective delegate, then sent by tracked priority mail. Alternatively in digital format with an authorized digital signature recognized by the AgID using a PEC email for both parties. The new modified contract will have to be rewritten, resubmitted and signed under the aforementioned conditions.

The Guide has full trust in the collaborating Company and also expects the Company and all its collaborators to fully commit themselves to respecting the contract and to behave in a clear and honest manner. The same also applies to the Guide.

All communications and all information exchanged between the Guide and the Company are to be considered private and cannot be disclosed privately and/or publicly and/or to third parties for any reason.

In case of violation of one or more of each condition of this contract by the Company, the Guide has the power to interrupt the relationship with the Company immediately and request compensation for any damages by proceeding through legal channels.

*In any case of reimbursement, the collaborating company and/or customers will be charged. All non-refundable costs such as bank charges etc. incurred by the Guide for all incoming and outgoing bank transactions starting from the request, agency costs, any fees for reimbursement and all other necessary costs foreseen and not foreseen.

By collaborating on any tour with the Guide, the Company automatically confirms acceptance of all the aforementioned conditions by accepting them as a contract between the Guide and the Company. In the event of any misunderstanding or problem, the Company will have to comply with these conditions together with the Guide.

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