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Takayama Matsuri

the Takayama's Festival

Two tour in one*

Takayama & Festival

Start : 9:30 am to 10 pm

When: April 14th-15th / October 9th-10th

Lunch break: 12: 00-14: 30

Dinner: 8 pm to 10 pm

in a local restaurant

Where: Takayama
How: On foot with Luca

Free entry

Important : All businesses start closing from 5pm Tuesday is the closing day for many businesses in Takayama.

*Two tours in one means four hours Takayama plus Takayama Festival guided tour throughout the day, in spring or fall, on April 14th or October 9th.


Online Tour with Luca

Takayama JR Station

Starting point

Here is where the tour starts and finish

IMG_1191 copia.jpg

Yatai display

Let's have a closer look together

These yatai are more than 200 years old and will displayed in all the streets of Takayama, for the whole festival. The floats on display

are more than twenty!

April 14 11-14: 30/15 April 11-14

9 October 12-14 / 10 October 11-13


In case of bad weather the parade will be canceled and the floats will be parked but still admirable inside their kura (deposits). Each year the time of each performance may vary.

Karakuri performance

Who is pulling the strings?

The great karakuri performance of the marionettes, varies from day to day.

Performances are usually expected:
14 April 11 am-2.30pm / 15 April 10 am-2pm
9 October 12-14 / 10 October 11-13

In case of bad weather, each performance will not be canceled but will be kept in each yatai warehouse (kura). Each year the time of each performance may vary.


Mikoshi procession

similarities with each world processions

Each yatai is equipped with wheels, but there is one, the Mikoshi who will be carried around the city on his fellow people on their back. This portable shrine according to Japanese belief appears to contain the spirit of the Shinto deity. The Mikoshi will be transported through the streets of Takayama as a good omen. This procession starts on the first day of the festival and ends on the second day.

For both annual festivals.

From April 14th 1 pm to April 15th till 4 pm

October 9th 1 pm to October 10th till 4 pm

Each year the time of each performance may vary.

Night parade

Evening festival

The Yomatsuri (night festival). The parade will be held only during the first day of each festival (April 14th & October 9th) Each yatai will be transported around Takayama to the rhythms of flutes and drums in a truly ascetic atmosphere.

April 14th 6:30 pm to 9 pm
October 9th 6:00 pm to 9 pm

In case of bad weather, the parade will be canceled. Each year the time of each performance may vary.



We are not doing only the festival

Visiting Takayama during the festivals is an opportunity to get to know the city even more in depth, because we will visit the center and its secrets with the possibility to observe real works of art in motion as well..

Download the spring festival pdf

Download the autumn festival pdf

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