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Hida Furukawa in three hours

supplementary tour

Supplementary Tour II

Hida Furukawa

Start: Within 8:45 am and 4 pm

Morning or afternoon

Where: Hida Furukawa

When: All year round with exceptions*
How: By train and on foot together with Luca

This is an additional tour that can be added to the two hour Takayama Tour

Important : All businesses start closing from 5 pm.. Tuesdays are closing days for many businesses in Furukawa. The total duration of the tour is about three hours including the round trip time from/to  Takayama.

*For holidays including for example Christmas, New Year etc. increased rates are foreseen.


Online Tour with Luca

Takayama JR Station

Meeting point

Here is where the tour start and finish. We will depart here to reach Hida Furukawa with using the JR train


The possibility of use of the JR pass is the sole responsibility of the customer

Hida Furukawa

The second Takayama

Relaxed walks in the peaceful Hida Furukawa. A small city waiting to be discovered. With its little stories, its festivals and its local food


Shirakabe Dozogai

Local architecture

For most of the year it is possible to admire the carp fishes peacefully swimming around the old town in the Seto river along the road, with the famous Shirakabe Dozogai

Tasting of Sake

Two breweries

We are going to try the local sake produced in Furukawa as well as in Takayama. Masters for generations*

*The consumption of alcohol in Japan is prohibited for anyone under the age of 20 regardless of nationality. In case of food allergies or other things, please let the guide know promptly.


Hida no Takumi

The master carpenters

A museum that tells many stories of the master carpenters still active for over thirteen hundred years. They are tho one that have given a face to the entire Japanese sacred architecture and beyond

Candle Museum

Handcrafted candles

Handmade candles for nearly four hundred years. In this humble shop you can admire the process behind an original product


Cafe and museum

House museum

In such a small town there is a cafe-house where you can use traditional pottery that is more than 200 years old

For gourmets

A taste of local specialities

In Japan there are a lot of original specialities, snacks, but every city has its own version too*

*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.


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