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Amico Del Solevante
For the companies

Luca l'Amico Del Solevante loves to collaborate with everyone, since it is when we exchange opinions, communicate and share information that there is an improvement. Luca always contributes to creating a positive and open environment. Valuing one's work and that of others. If you are a tourist company and you want to collaborate with Luca l'Amico Del Solevante to exchange new ideas and grow together, what are you waiting for?

Contact your guide Luca as soon as possible!


Win win situation

Luca is an independent guide. When you collaborate with Luca  you collaborate in an equal situation. Proposals that are for the benefit of both and that do not conflict with the terms and conditions in general of the Amico del Solevante are highly appreciated. All proposals will be seriously evaluated, but only those with an approach that can benefit the precious time of both parties will be considered.


More important than competition, Luca is aware that there is work for everyone and that everyone needs to work. In the event of any collaboration between Luca and a company, the commissions must be considered outside the sum proposed by the guide and not subtracting the price proposed by the guide to the company.

Optimism and creativity

Luca likes to collaborate only with those who prove to have an honest, constructive and positive approach. Because it is in an open and positive environment that you have the best ideas. Also to get where you want, you don't always need paper diplomas that certify a third-party skill. Rather, it is one's own will, the right information, the necessary actions and the results that define a skill or a situation. Luca manages to give his best when there is full cooperation from everyone, to be able to find the best solutions together with every situation.

By collaborating on any tour with Luca l'Amico del Solevante, the company automatically confirms acceptance of these conditions by accepting them in the contract between the Amico del Solevante and the collaborating company. In the event of any misunderstanding or problem, the company will have to comply with these conditions.

"Imagination is better than knowledge"



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