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Kanazawa in eight hours

eight hours tour

Eight hours tour


Start & Finish: 8:45 am - 5 pm

Lunch break: 1 - 2:30 pm
in a local restaurant

Where: Kanazawa
When: All year with exceptions*
How: On foot with Luca

Important : All businesses start closing from 5 pm. Mondays and Tuesdays are closing days for many businesses in Kanazawa.

*For holidays including for example Christmas, New Year etc. increased rates are foreseen.


Online Tour with Luca
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Kanazawa JR Station

Meeting point

This is where the eight hours tour

starts and finish

The possibility to use of the JR pass is the sole responsibility of the customer

Omichō Markets

The markets of Kanazawa

Morning markets that enhance the good local cuisine among restaurants and stands of fresh fish and more



The gardens of Kanazawa

A green area in the city where light and colors, depending on the day, can create a very unique experience*

*Admission is subject to charges

Kanazawa Castle

A beautiful fortress

A truly particular structure if you look at the national warfare architecture. But despite the diversity of this castle compared to the others, the function seems to have served thanks to the genius who conceived it*

*Admission is subject to charges

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Gardens and ponds

The gardens in the garden

Even in Kanazawa, as in all of Japan, the gardens are artificial creations where a value of absolute stability is perceived between the hand of nature and the collaboration with humans*

*Admission is subject to charges

Higashi chayamachi

Kanazawa down town

Bengal red is a color that distinguishes Kanazawa, especially among the small streets of its historic center. Between old and new, in these streets with different commercial activities that have their own history you can admire different facets of a culture that is still  extraordinary including Geisha performances


21 Century Museum

Contemporary art museum

For those lovers like me, who are around art, we will visit this contemporary museum discovering permanent and temporary exhibitions. Another reason why I think that Kanazawa is very close to Florence*

*Admission is subject to charges

Sake testing

Local Japanese wine

Also in Kanazawa there is the opportunity to taste different varieties of typical local products including excellent sake*

*The consumption of alcohol in Japan is prohibited for anyone under the age of 20 regardless of nationality. In case of food allergies or other things, please let the guide know promptly.  Image is for illustrative purposes only.

IMG_3656 copia_edited.jpg

City of gold

Kanazawa's art and craft

This is the nickname I gave to a city where beauty and the arts have a golden quality, the second Florence, but in Japan. We will also visit places that enhance local craftsmanship

Gold Leaf Museum

Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum

One of the strong points of Kanazawa are the gold deposits, this has allowed the city to sustain itself and where there is abundance there is always room for the arts*

*Admission is subject to charges


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