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Jizake Tour

60 minutes

Jizake tour

sake tasting

Start: Within afternoon within 5 pm

Where: Takayama downtown
When: All year with exceptions
How: On foot with Luca

Possible also with wheelchair!

Jizake = local sake

Important: In Takayama all public spaces and shops start closing around 5 pm. Closing day for Takayama in general is Tuesday

*For holidays, including for example Christmas, New Year, etc. increased rates are foreseen.


Online Tour with Luca

Takayama JR Station

Starting point

Here is where the tour starts

Sanmachi Suji

Old town

We will walk through the old town discovering some of it's secrets and stories

SAKè SANSHA cup.jpg

Sakè breweries

walking through

There are 6 sake breweries in Takayama. Between December and February of the new year, it is usually the time for freshly brewed new sake. We will go to the discovery of the best breweries according to the guide, by tasting this Japanese alcoholic "beverage" together. But it doesn't end with just tasting sake...The guide will also explain how sake is made in places with more than 250 years of history.

The red bridge


This is the end point of your tour.


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