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Takayama and Shirakawa One Day

eight hours tour

Eight hours tour

Takayama and Shirakawa

Start & Finish: 8: 45 - 11 am /2: 30 - 5 pm

Lunch break: 12: 30 - 2: 30 pm
in a local restaurant in Shirakawa

Where: Takayama center and Shirakawa go
When: All year with exceptions
How: On foot and by bus with Luca

Important : All businesses start closing from 5 pm.  Tuesday is the closing day for many businesses in Takayama.

*For holidays including for example Christmas, New Year etc. increased rates are foreseen.


Online Tour with Luca

Takayama JR Station

Meeting point

This is where the two hour tour starts and finish

The bus

Adjacent to the JR station

The only way to reach Shirakawago. It takes about an hour and a half. (Time may vary depending on the road and weather conditions)

The possibility to use of the JR pass is the sole responsibility of the customer 



Old Town

From the station the tour include:

The morning markets, sanmachi suji, Nakabashi bridge, Takayama Jinya from the outside, Yamazakura Jinja, Kokubunji on the way back to the station to take the bus


Bus terminal & resting area

Upon arrival at the bus terminal, lunch will be served at one of the many typical restaurants in Shirakawago. After the break we will walk through the village visiting some of the ancient houses open to the public. What was the village of Shirakawago and what does it represent today?

free shira.JPG
Schermata 2022-12-13 alle 05.52.09.png

Lunch break

Traditional cuisine restaurant

Usually in Shirakawago you can taste zero-kilometer foods*

*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Wada house

The most important house in the village

Wada is the family name that represent the village for generations both from a historical and commercial point of view

Wada house.png

Kanda house


What is a Gasshō architecture? Where does it come from? Why does it have this shape?
In this house I will answer the secrets of this ingenious domus of the rising sun

Hachiman Shrine

The function of the sacred in the village

The origins of this temple have a long history, predating the Nara period. More than eight hundred years of history in this valley has been written, history between sake and gunpowder


The three houses

A photographic spot

Towards the end of the tour we will visit the outside of the famous three houses which have become a bit of the symbol of this wonderful village

Snacks in Shirakawa

taste during the walk

We will taste local snacks or have a simple coffee. In Shirakawago almost nothing is missing!



When in Rome, do as the Romans do

The village is open to the public, a true open-air museum. Nonetheless, there are also homes and private properties. Please be careful using good manners and common sense for adults and children. Often inaccessible areas are not explicitly marked. Please be careful where you walk and do not litter as well. Waste in Japan is your responsibility, that is why you are not going to find any waste bins around. Collaborate with the guide in maintaining public nuisance and respect for the village in general.


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