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Amico Del Solevante

eight hours

Eight hours tour


Tour start and end: 8:45 am - 5 pm

Lunch break: 1 - 2: 30 pm
in a local restaurant

Where: Takayama
When: All year with exceptions
How: On foot with Luca

Important : All businesses start closing from 5 pm. Tuesday is the closing day for many businesses in Takayama.

*For holidays including for example Christmas, New Year etc. increased rates are foreseen.


Online Tour with Luca

Takayama JR Station

Meeting point

This is where the four hour tour starts and finish.

This tour is an extended and more in-depth version of the four hour tour.

Kokubun Temple

Area with the kokubnji pagoda

A truly millenary place with a ginkgo biloba tree that is more than 1100 years old

Mercati di Takayama

Takayama Markets

Morning markets

There are two areas for Takayama markets, the first is the one that runs along the river Miyagawa-mae near Sanmachi in downtown, the second is in front of Takayama Jinya-mae

Sanmachi Suji

Old Town

We will walk through the historic center of Takayama and all its secrets and we will go into the details like a real local citizen


Sake testing

Introduction to sake

Different types of sake will be tasted.

The guide will also explain in detail how sake is made and its history

* The consumption of alcohol in Japan is prohibited for everyone under the age of 20 regardless of nationality. In case of food allergies or other things, please let the guide know promptly.

Takayama Jinya 11 022IMG_3032.JPG

Takayama Jinya

A visit inside

Through the red bridge (Nakabashi) we will visit the interior of what was the base of many personalities and functions in the history of the rising sun*

*Admission is subject to charges.

Takayama Jinya 11 022IMG_3019.JPG

Yamazakura Shrine

The Kamiema and Takumi shrine

A sacred place in the new center of the commercial city of Takayama, a classic contrast between old and new

Honmachi Street

Takayama New Mall

On the way back among typical shops and restaurants and sampling of local snacks

IMG_1366 copia.JPG
Yatai Kaikan 16 12 022 - IMG_3956.JPG

Takayama Festival's floats museum

Yatai museum

Here you can admire some of the floats that parade in the famous Takayama Festival*


*Admission is subject to charges.

Karakuri Museum

Puppets that move by themselves

This museum shows the secrets of Karakuri puppets and their allegorical performance during the Takayama Festival

*Admission is subject to charges.

Yoshijima house Amico del Solevante 12 022 - IMG_4058.JPG
sakurayama hachimangu

Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine

The head of the Festival

One of Takayama's most important shrines in regards also to the Takayama Festival


Higashiyama area


Walk in the west part of the city, the Higashiyama Teramachi area. As in Kyoto, here the area of the Takayama temples stands on a small hill. Let's walk and discover!

Higashiyama course Like 02 023 - IMG_6059.JPG
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