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This package is a combination of the other packages: Green, Premium and partly Gold, all together.

The plan envisages: Starting point in the historical center of Takayama, the beautiful Sanmachi-suji, with its Edo period houses and its Takayama Festival, then the tour goes on crossing the Nakabashi bridge, which once divided the castle of the Kanamori family (Kanamori Nagachika 1524-1608) from the Jinya (which initially was the summer residence of the Kanamori lineage), then  under the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu (Tokugawa family, 1600 - 1868) became the only site in Japan of a provincial governor/magistrate’s office. From the Jinya it keeps going through Honmachi street which is considered nowadays the commercial center in downtown with traditional restaurants and shops, where I will present the Ramen’s history here in Takayama, the silk route Toyama-Takayama, the strong presence of fine sushi even between our mountains and other local delicious dishes. Always walking down this street there is a stop at a small sanctuary called Yamazakura Jinja. Inside, I’m telling the story of the master carpenters from Hida (Hida no Takumi), who revolutionized architecture on a national scale, and then one of the traditional and local lucky charms is revealed: The kami Ema. From Honmachi road the tour is ending once the ancient Kokubun temple (Kokubun-ji) is reached and showed, together with its stories…I am telling not only about Takayama and its deep culture, but also about my personal experience in Takayama and how it is like to live in this lovely place...

During our tour we are going to take our time, as the itinerary lasts between 2 and 3 hours. In this experience together ​I will be more than happy to show you the city in all its aspects, both ancient and actual. Eventually, at the end of the tour, I will gladly answer to all your questions.

To deliver a professional and progressive service I am adding an extra touch of ​quality to this tour. The video call is further improved using a gimbal, one of the best on the market.

What is a gimbal? Some of you may wonder. A gimbal is an image stabilizer formed by two or three axles and it is connected to the smartphone like a selfie-stick. this way everything is improved walk during our online tour. During the video call the filming is stable, just like in films or documentaries. This allows you to enjoy a tour from both aspects sound and video, comfortably from your home.


What’s in it?  
Expert and professional guide by your side
Sightseeing of the most beautiful and esteemed places in Takayama
2/3 hours length
Use of professional gimbal technology

Only one connection is possible, from smartphone or computer device

(not one person only, but one connection only!)*

The tour price is 105€ per connection, all included.

Where does the tour take place?


* Prices are to be intended per internet connection! Which means per each smartphone or computer or other device connected to the video call, for example a whole family or a group of friends in front of the same device! Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions page as well.

Please keep in mind that the internet connection may vary for reasons unknow to the guide affecting the sound and the video resolution during the online tour. The guide should not be held responsible.

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