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Amico Del Solevante

Rates from 1 to 4 guests for the year 2024:

27.5 € / hour

Inside Takayama (eg. Hida folk village or Hida Furukawa).
33 € / hour

Outside Takayama (eg. Shirakawago and Kanazawa).

Rates and conditions

Guide services rates (except holidays)*

1) 30 minutes Takayama: 55 €

2) 2 hours Takayama: 55 €

3) 4 hours Takayama: 110 €

4) 3 hours tour (supplementary) to Hida Folk Village the small Shirakawago: 83 €

5) 3 hours tour (supplementary) to Hida Furukawa: 83 €


6) 2 hours Takayama + 3 hours supplementary Hida folk village: 140 €

7) 2 hours Takayama + 3 hours supplementary Hida Furukawa: 140 €

8) 8 hours Kanazawa: 265 €
8b) 4 hours Kanazawa: 135 €


9) 1 day Takayama and Shirakawago: 240 €


10) 2 days Takayama and Kanazawa: 485 €


11) 2 days Takayama Shirakawa and Kanazawa: 560 €

12) Takayama Festival all day: 300 €

13) Groups from 5 till 10 people/8 hours
In Takayama 250 € (32 €/h)
Outside Takayama (
Shirakawa e Kanazawa) 300 € (37.5 €/h

16) NEW! groups from 11 to 40 people:
Takayama 35 €/h
Shirakawa and/or Kanazawa 38 €/h

Outside Takayama, Shirakawa & Kanazawa 45 €/h
(The travel agency collaborating with Amico del Solevante must provide their own headphones for touring devices. Shipping, returns, batteries ecc. must be covered by the travel agency. If the guest damage/lost ecc. the provided device, any fee must be covered by the guest.)

17) Christmas, New Year and Holidays

(24/25/31 of December and 1/2/3 of January)

In Takayama 40 €/h

Outside Takayama (Shirakawa & Kanazawa) 45 €/h
Outside Takayama Shirakawa & Kanazawa 50 €/h

Groups from 5 guests up to 10 for 8 hours

Inside and outside Takayama 400 €


Prices are inclusive of taxes.

Important:  Amico Del Solevante Tours only operate from Tokyo downwards.

Contact Amico del solevante for further info and to book your tour!

All the prices and information here might vary depending on the situation and at the tour guide sole discretion.

*All extra expenses for the guide are excluded from each tour price, such as: Hotels, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks breaks, snacks, etc.), sake tasting, museum entrances, tickets, vouchers, public and/or private transportation, etc.. They are always the sole responsibility of the guest/s / collaborating agency must be covered from  the guest of each tour. The guide of the Amico Del Solevante will indicate, during the booking, to the agency/guest/s, of the policies and conditions and necessary extra payments, that will be paid, when possible, always in advance, together with each tour’s request. For payment conditions, please consult the relevant links in the email when booking with the Luca, Amico Del Solevante Tours.

The information transmitted is intended exclusively for the person or company in the address and is to be considered confidential and confidential. Any transmission, forwarding, dissemination or other use of this information to persons or companies other than the recipient is prohibited. If you receive this communication in error, contact the sender and delete the information from each computer. ©Luca Facchini. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and / or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site's author and / or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Luca Facchini and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


For information and reservations contact Luca, the guide of the Amico del solevante

090 8073 5118 (for calls within Japan only)

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