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My second Town

Takayama, my beautiful Takayama. My second or maybe my third city...
I discovered Takayama thanks to my wife. More ten years ago. You may why? Well, because my loved one is actually-from-Takayama. So fate brought me here. Big and small city at the same time.
Location of the proud Hida carpenters (Hida no Takumi), city of rich mineral deposits, city of excellent sake, and city of crafts and wood. This 2little Kyoto" was for a time even the largest city in Japan...It barely surpassed the capital. Again why? If we are only 90,000 inhabitants? Because the urban core of Takayama itself is very small...the rest are all beautiful mountains. Or rather Alps. Somebody even say that the Alps in Central Northern Japan are the most beautiful. Around Takayama there are also two opposites. On the one hand between the highest concentration of spas and on the other several ski resorts (it is usually very cold here in winter) even though we are at an altitude of less than 600 meters above sea level. In short, nothing is missing in Takayama. A thousand-year-old culture, great food, great sake and much more to discover and wonder together...
What more do you want from life?
Me? Every now and then, given the temperatures, a nice beach in the sun wont be so bad... but...
Despite everything, I can't do without my Takayama... What are you waiting for??
Come and visit me then!

© Photo Luca Facchini

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