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Amico Del Solevante


Guide services in general



Tour with expert guide, food and Japanese wine testing, more or less known routes, artistic-cultural routes in general, experience and introduction to sake with sake tasting*. Useful insights based on reliable sources and personal experience. Interaction, when possible, with the locals, their customs and traditions. The guide plays the role of accompanying and contributing to creating a unique experience. However, to avoid confusion, the guide does not act as an assistant or tour operator.

*The consumption of alcohol in Japan is prohibited for anybody under the age of 20 regardless of their nationality.


Usually the Amico del Solevante tours take place mostly on foot. Depending on the destination or for time reasons, the use of public transportation such as taxis, buses, trains, rental vehicles may be necessary.

Where and when

For all cities like Takayama and Kanazawa usually the start/finish and meeting point is the JR Station on each city.

In case of Shirakawago will be the bus terminal. For Hida Folk Village will be the exit/entrance of the village itself. Sometimes might be the hotel if is located in a strategic location as well.

The tours of the Amico del Solevante are carried out throughout the year, except of course in cases some cases like: Time schedule, national holidays, force majeure (climatic conditions, closure of commercial and public activities, physical condition etc.). Such as during the winter there have been cases of heavy snowfalls that made it inaccessible to use any transportation, especially the public ones. In this case many tourists have had to forcibly extend their stay waiting for: the end of heavy snowfalls, waiting also for the cleaning of the roads and railways due to the real excess of snow. Cases are rare nowadays, however the guide strongly recommend that the client inquire in advance with the international and Japanese authorities about situations in general, force majeure included. For more information on who to contact, see the page must know. The guide will not be held responsible in any case and/or any way.

Why I choose to be a tour guide

I love to travel and have been doing it for 16 years. I love to tell stories and share experiences with people from all over the world. Because I think it's one of the best things we can do. Also as an artist I love diversity, cultures in the world, history and beauty in things. Here is one of the many reasons why I love sharing my time with other people.


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