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ethics & services

Amico del solevante loves his job and the environment and is always trying to improve looking also at the future...Because the planet is not ours but is the place that gives us hospitality among many other forms of beautiful life.

1) Provide excellent service
2) Clarity, punctuality and professionalism
3) Quality over quantity

4) Respect for everything, living being and individual

5) Environmental and civil awareness

6) Actively contribute by creating opportunities for interaction between local people, as well as contribute together with the kind participants in creating a pleasant and interesting atmosphere

7) Reduce the use and consumption of plastic materials.

8) Stop disposable items!

9) Reuse, fix and recycle as much as possible.

10) Use as many healthy, seasonal and locally sourced foods as possible.

11) Help in the development of greater environmental awareness. Because it is the duty of every human being to know and disseminate the improvement.
 Beyond work and social status.



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