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The stunning city of Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a city known as “the second or little Kyoto”, but I personally prefer to define it “the Florence of Japan”, as to me Kyoto and Kanazawa are quite different cities. One of the similarities between the two is the inclination towards arts, although they are very distinct from the urbanistic, artistic and cultural points of view. Why Florence you may ask? Personally because every time I go there, I perceive it as a wide-spaced city (something rare to find in Japan) with a passion for the ancient culture as well as for the contemporary and with a greater aesthetic taste. As if it was a new, Japanese Renaissance. Moreover, Kanazawa, thanks to many factors, has never been "touched", not even during the second world war, therefore a lot has been preserved and a lot more has been enhanced. Nobody disturbed this valley because Kanazawa and its patrons, the Maeda, have always focused more on the art and its developments instead of the warfare. The same name of the city of Kanazawa means "the marsh of gold", that makes clear that Kanazawa sustained itself thanks to its abundant metals. I believe that, having everything at hand, Kanazawa could invest in far more intelligent and important things than just war. A bit like the Egyptians, a population among the most prolific of the history of humanity, which also used to have everything at hand thanks also of the mighty presence of the Nile...

© Photo Luca Facchini

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