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Terms & Conditions


Cancellation terms:

The guide will do the utmost to guarantee flexibility and the best positive experience for everybody. The opinion of the customer is very important for the Luca, Amico del solevante tour guide. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises of any kind or any misunderstandings please read carefully the service and cancellation terms and take notice of their meaning.

Any reason for the cancellation is at the client's discretion.



1) When the participant/s cancels the online tour within 24 hours before the starting date.

2) Due to force major conditions (for example heavy rain , state of health, quality of the internet connection.) during the online tour or based on the forecast.
In prevenction to unexpected attitudes at the expenses of other fellow participant/s and to the guide himself such as:

3) Not being on time (especially when group calls occur).

4) Lack of organization by the participant/s, which affects the quality of the tour for the rest of the group.

5) Aggressive or disturbing attitude and bad manners (towards yourself and others).

6) Being under the effect of alcohol and or illegal substances that causes irrational behaviour.
In any of these cases the guide has the power to interrupt and cancel the tour at any time.

The guide offers 4G quality video streaming and it's internet connection and capabilities has been tested as functional and stable. However in case of a poor internet connection and or video/audio quality, the guide is not to be held responsible due to factors that are due to force major written in the condition 1.

All conditions before or during the online tour.


The tour is refundable, for any reason, from the booking confirmation day until 24 hours before the tour date (from 24 hours before the date of the tour online it will not be refundable for any reason, as mentioned above).

Any cancellation is expected in written form (email), in a polite and timely fashion. The date on the received confirmation  email is to be considered as proof. In case of any refund expenditures, all the extra costs will be charged to the customer.


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